We’re holding a spring workshop

We love spending time with our customers.  Workshops are a great way of getting to know them better, having some fun and sharing our knowledge of ‘flower fusing’.  The challenge is finding the right time to have them…!  We decided we want to hold our workshops on a regular basis, say once a quarter; a workshop for each season!

After the success of our Christmas wreath workshops held at a local pub, everyone agreed they like the idea of being able to have a spot of lunch and a drink either before or after the workshop.  So we got thinking!  Perhaps our next workshop should include lunch and a drink to make the workshop more of an event.

We shared our thoughts with our friends at The Lambs Green Inn. They loved the idea and said they would be thrilled to host our next event.  They will provide a light lunch and drink before we get started.  Once fed and watered, we can create some fabulous spring inspired floral designs.

We deliberately timed this workshop to be just after Mothering Sunday.  Why?  Many Mum’s love not only to receive flowers but arrange them too.  So, rather than buying Mum some flowers for Mothering Sunday, why not book her a place on the workshop so she can spend a couple of hours with like minded people enjoying lunch and flower fusing!  Even better, book 2 places and go with your Mum to the workshop and have some time together, leaving your cares and worries behind for a few hours.

We’ve posted details on our Facebook page and also have a details on our website.