We’re On The Move

We're On The Move

The waiting is nearly over! The team here at Willow Floristry are thrilled to be moving into our new shop premises very soon! We decided we had out grown our current workshop towards the end of last year. The challenge was to find a shop that was close to our current base, was a good size and also easy to get to for our customers. For those of you who know Verwood, vacant shops are a rarity!

Christmas Eve 2015 we were making a delivery to Irving's estate agent in the centre of Verwood. When we arrived, another of our customers was already at their office as they were selling their house though Irvings. Wishing each other the best of seasons greetings, our customer commented that we really should get a shop! I explained that we were thinking the same and were on the lookout for suitable premises, but there was nothing vacant in Verwood.

Clare & Sarah at Irving's immediately said "What about our letting office 2 doors down? It's vacant as we have moved our letting business into our main estate agent office".

The rest is history! We spent the whole of Christmas thinking about the letting office and most of January and it was a long couple of weeks while we waited for Irving's to open and we would let them know we would love to take over their other store. The legal process then kicked in, which I am sure you will appreciate is not the speediest of processes. It's been a long wait. From making the decision to take on the shop in January, we picked up the keys in August! Now it is full steam ahead to have the shop fitted out before we open the doors to let everyone in!

We have a few people to thank for helping us along the way and getting the shop up and running

  • Nolan @ Irving's Estate Agents and Lettings.  Thank you for all your patience through the legal process
  • Rob @ Flooring Elegance. What an amazing job you have done in helping us find the right flooring. It looks fantastic and we are truly thrilled
  • Simon, James & Jo @ Custom Creations.  You have helped turn our ideas and scribblings into reality. We can't wait for the shop fit to be completed.  It's going to look awesome.  Thank you also for your support and encouragement and sharing hints and tips to make the whole 'shop getting' process a little less stressful!

So, with great pleasure I can announce our new address....Shop 2, The Old Crossroads, Station Road, Verwood, BH31 7PU.

Watch this space for details on when we will open for business...